[mythtv] Time to retire mythweb?

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Mon Dec 13 03:53:31 UTC 2021

On 12/12/2021 7:36 PM, Paul Harrison wrote:
> On 12/12/2021 22:31, James wrote:
>>> On 12 Dec 2021, at 9:22 pm, mythtv-dev-request at mythtv.org wrote:
>>> I think I need to clear something up both MythWeb and the current
>>> WebFrontend are depreciated and will be replaced by the new WebFrontend
>>> that will also incorporate the new Web Setup stuff. Exactly how that
>>> will look like and feel like is undecided. It will likely use Angular
>>> and Material but even that is open for discussion.
>>> Like I've said before I don't use either, for me it dilutes what MythTV
>>> was originally supposed to be :( .
>>> All I'm trying to do is to move things along and get devs and users
>>> motivated to work on it. It's hard enough to get people motivated and
>>> the negative vibe from this thread really isn't going to improve that.
>> Paul I don't think negative vibes are being heaped here, you are just 
>> getting response that says this is an important tool. Depreciating it 
>> in favour of something yet to be invented is politically hard to do.
>> Perhaps along lines of 'lets depreciate MythWeb and all it's warts. 
>> What shall we do instead?'
>> For me the functionality of MythWeb is just fine. Offhand I have no 
>> favourite dislikes.
>> James
> James I do understand some people don't like change it upsets some 
> people but sometimes that change can be for the better :)
> We are not completely fuck-wits and wont remove MythWeb until the new 
> web server is complete, I don't think anyone has said that was ever 
> the plan?,  but it is depreciated and it's unlikely to get many major 
> updates. If MythWeb has it's supporters then it is highly likely 
> someone will care enough to provide fixes for the current issues and 
> of cause the patches will be committed to keep MythWeb going.
> I didn't explain why the WebFrontend needs rewriting one major reason 
> is because it and the webserver uses QtScript which has been 
> depreciated in Qt5 for some time and has been removed from Qt6 
> altogether. Qt6 is already at version 6.2 and is now mostly complete.  
> I think 6.2 is or will be an LTS release so it is likely to be 
> included in many more distros so the change has been forced on us it 
> wasn't by choice.  I hope you can appreciate the reason behind it.
> Could we continue to use MythWeb as a base? Probably but since it is 
> ancient and uses old technology like php which runs on the server side 
> those that are doing the work decided since the WebFrontend and 
> MythWeb need updating anyway why not move to some new technology like 
> Angular and Material. Is that a good choice I don't know it's not me 
> working on it and I respect the opinion of those that are doing the 
> work to let them use what they want.  I have done several websites and 
> used php on all of them  just because it's what I know but it does 
> slow a busy site down because it runs on the server not the client 
> unlike many of the current frameworks like Angular which pushes more 
> of the work onto the client side. At the end of the day it should be 
> up to the ones doing the work to decide :)
> I briefly touched on it earlier in the thread but another reason for 
> the change is so that the functionality of what mythtv-setup provides 
> will be available in the new Web Server so you can configure your 
> backend from any web browser potentially from any where in the world. 
> So basically the backend machine can become a true headless server 
> with no need for an UI to run to it.
> I'm really not trying to piss anyone off. All I'm trying to do is put 
> people in the picture of what the plan is and why.
> Paul H.

If I understand correctly, WebFrontend won't depend on apache or nginx, 
right? In that case, will it still be possible to configure a reverse 
proxy on a non-mythtv machine running apache or nginx to expose 
WebFrontend to the internet? I'd prefer not to have to use a VPN to get 
to it when I'm not at home.
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