[mythtv] Redone FFmpeg 4.4.1

Piotr Oniszczuk piotr.oniszczuk at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 17:37:55 UTC 2021

> Wiadomość napisana przez Peter Bennett <pb.mythtv at gmail.com> w dniu 02.12.2021, o godz. 16:39: 
> I am concerned because we have now 6000 lines of customization in ffmpeg, and you want to add another 4500. I wish we could avoid all the customization or get it to as little as possible.


I think it is worth to distinguish:

a. customisations (means _changing_ existing functionality)
b. extensions (here new functionality extensions - it is adding new functionality)

as long b. is adding without modifying existing functionality - i don't see problem 

I agree regarding customisations:
It makes upstreaming difficult, forks code, makes regression, makes upgrades difficult, etc.

all above are not valid for new functionality imho (sure there are small changes with if-then in added code to "connect" new functionality code with existing code)

code i'm proposing is exclusively cat. b. so imho your doubts about forks of code, regression, upgrades difficult, etc. are much less valid here

Whole thing is imho about decision:

1. do we want to offer users new capabilities regarding platforms for myth frontend?
2. if p1 is true then do we want to offer for users new capabilities now or when they are upstreamed

Decision for p2 imho depends on new code upstreaming prospects:
If it is reasonably short - then ok - we can wait (and hope for users will understand why)
If timeframe is long (or undefined at the moment) - then do we want wait long or to follow this undefined situation?

I see extra work required when we are going with ffmpeg upgrade.

for v4l2_request for sure you can delegate this code maintenance to me. 

i can handle this!   


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