[mythtv] Redone FFmpeg 4.4.1

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 21:52:07 UTC 2021

On 01/12/2021 10:08, John Pilkington wrote:
> Once again I find that my reply didn't go to the intended list.  This is 
> a lightly eddited version:
> On 30/11/2021 16:13, Peter Bennett wrote:
>>> FWIW I now have ffmpeg-resync-0 at f521387...
>>> {{{
>>> VDPAU Normal
>>> Single rate deinterlacer, High Quality, Driver preferred, shows in 
>>> the Playback Data popup as VDPAU Advanced.
>>> Double rate deinterlacer None.  (Rapid pans are very unsmooth with it.)
>>> Playback seems acceptable, transitions between 1080p and 1080i OK
>>> Skipping is instantaneous and non-blocky.
>>> I'll probably stay with it for a bit.
>>> }}}

I decided to go ahead with the newly rebased ffmpeg-resync-0 after all, 
commit c257bac with schema 1372, and mainly it's working fine, despite 
my attempts to provoke it, which mainly involve static images.

But the mux of my 'local' DVB-T station sometimes uses an mpeg2 format 
with "field_order=bb", and on skipping that shows bad blocking.  Also, 
in the editor, it sometimes shows two frames interleaved; one is linked 
to the cursor and one is static.  That's using the settings above.

I know this station's format has given me trouble in the past and 
suspect that what I'm seeing now may not be related to the current 
resync.  It might, however, throw light on my occasional 20-second 
hangups in the editor.

And I've just seen Peter's comment about this:  use standard decoding. 
ISTR asking Mark long ago about auto-switching of profile. That can be 
done by format, but here it would ideally be a playback vs edit switch. 

John P

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