[mythtv] RFC: python2 (only) script status

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 13:28:36 UTC 2021

On 8/4/21 11:13 PM, Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
> When updating my build scripts by adding
> python bytecompiling for those files typically
> in /usr/share/mythtv... I found a number of
> files that are still python2 only and generate
> syntax errors when attempting to bytecompile
> (clearly they will not run in distros that are
> python3 only, which is becoming the norm).
> While the files in question are not of interest
> to me personally, so I am unlikely to try to
> evaluate any needed changes, is there any
> interest in me opening github issues for these
> files just so that the (future) work needed is
> explicitly tracked (rather than possibly implicitly
> known to a few).  And if so, should it be one
> issue for all the files, or one issue per "group"
> (in some cases a number of files are
> associated with each other), or one issue per
> file?
> Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
> _______________________________________________

Hi Gary

I would say one issue for all of the files would be best.

Does 2to3 work for the files? I used it to convert one python file and 
it did a fine job. Maybe somebody can just run that against the list of 
files that need converting.


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