[mythtv] FFmpeg Resync

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 15:51:35 UTC 2020

On 6/24/20 9:01 PM, David Hampton wrote:
> Peter,
>> David: Note I had to add __STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS to libmythtv.pro to
>> get the compile to work.
> That flag once meant something, but it hasn't in the last decade or so
> because the items that used to be dependent on that flag are now always
> present. Requiring that flag to be present changes nothing about the
> compilation. Since you reverted 459fccb5aa you added back the check for
> a flag which is no longer supplied by MythTV, so you needed to add back
> the declaration of the flag.
>> David: I see a lot of warnings about "register" being obsolete. I
>> hope there is some way of avoiding making a change to FFmpeg code for
>> this.
> I have a one line workaround that can go in the MythTV sources, but
> there are still a large number of "unused parameter" warnings caused by
> including get_bits.h that can't be fixed without changing the FFmpeg
> sources.  If I change get_bits.h to fix the the unused parameter
> warnings, I can fix the storage class specifier warnings at the same
> time with the same one line addition (but in get_bits.h).
> There's one other patch I'd like to keep that adds two comments (of
> three lines each). This will allow me to enable automated nightly
> checking for nullptr dereferences in MythTV, without producing a bunch
> of warning messages that point at FFmpeg.
> I would be happy to commit both these sets of change using the
> procedure you outlined above. Its a total of nine lines of comments,
> and three lines of other stuff.
> David
OK, sounds good.

The devel/ffpeg-resync branch compiles successfully and runs 
successfully in a quick test. You should be able to follow the procedure 
in that branch. If you have any questions, problems or issues please let 
me know.


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