[mythtv] FFmpeg Resync

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 18:55:30 UTC 2020

I have resynced FFmpeg 4.3 to MythTV (master) and placed the result in 
new branch "devel/ffpeg-resync".

The changes made to FFmpeg code in the MythTV repository since the last 
sync to 4.2 have been discarded.

Mark - If your changes are necessary please

1. Apply them to the MythTV/FFmpeg repository, master branch.
2. Cherry-pick them into the MythTV/FFmpeg repository, release/4.3 branch.
3. Copy the code into the MythTV/mythtv repository, master branch

Note: The code in MythTV/mythtv repository master branch, FFmpeg 
directory is a copy of the code in MythTV/FFmpeg repository, release/4.3 
branch. so after making changes in MythTV/FFmpeg repository and 
cherry-picking into release/4.3 you can just copy the modules over into 
the MythTv/mythtv repository master branch without fear of losing any 

Mark and David please note:

Bear in mind the FFmpeg code needs to be resynced from time to time. 
Please do not make any cosmetic changes to FFmpeg or changes designed 
only to remove compiler warnings.

If you need to make FFmpeg changes please follow the above procedure, so 
that the changes are in the MythTV/FFmpeg repository and ready for the 
next resync.

If you are adding any new functions please consider creating a new 
source file for them.

It would be helpful to note with comments that a change has been made 
for MythTV so that when conflicts occur in the resync it makes things 

In future, if there is new code, that you need, in FFmpeg that is not 
yet MythTV, let me know and hopefully we could include it by 
cherry-picking from the main FFmpeg, rather than copying the code and 
causing a conflict later.

Here is a list of changes that have been lost in the resync (Only the 
changes in the FFmpeg directory have been lost, if the commit includes 
other changes in MythTV they will still be there):

git log mythtv/external/FFmpeg/
* 3e1af48033 2020/06/16 David Hampton : Pass the correct stack-alignment 
flag to the clang compiler.
* 498502a5eb 2020/06/15 David Hampton : tidy: Quiet a couple of warnings 
in FFmpeg.
*   cc80f6788b 2020/02/11 David Hampton : Merge branch 'master' into 
branch 'cleanups'.
| * 165fc1ca4c 2020/02/06 Mark Kendall  : V4l2: Update FFmpeg v4l2 to 
latest master
* | 459fccb5aa 2020/02/11 David Hampton : tidy: Remove 
* 669955c6cb 2020/01/30 Mark Kendall  : FFmpeg: Patch v4l2_buffers to 
pass through interlaced fields
* 2c6f8618e0 2020/01/22 Mark Kendall  : utils-mythtv: Add a couple of 
missing codecs
* a0fbaa1736 2019/12/11 David Hampton : FFmpeg: Remove obsolete 
'register' keyword.
* 90f41b3860 2019/12/09 Mark Kendall  : FFmpeg: Squash unused parameter 
* 253d4df440 2019/11/30 Mark Kendall  : FFmpeg: Update v4l2_m2m code to 
latest FFmpeg master
* fdc0645aba 2019/11/20 Mark Kendall  : V4L2 Codecs: Fix lockup when 
* 785c821f69 2019/11/14 Mark Kendall  : FFmpeg: Further updates to v4l2 
* 8fdb15fc96 2019/11/13 Mark Kendall  : FFmpeg: Update v4l2 codecs code 
to FFmpeg master
* bc905cfa79 2019/11/12 Mark Kendall  : configure: Try to fix libdrm 
* 78dff9718b 2019/11/12 Mark Kendall  : configure: Cleanup setup for 
drm, opengl, egl and v4l2
* 783dc8ba7d 2019/11/10 Mark Kendall  : v4l2: Workaround missing DRM define
* cc7572f9b2 2019/11/09 Mark Kendall  : FFmpeg: Patch FFmpeg for V4L2 
codecs DRM PRIME support
*   cadc149225 2019/11/06 Mark Kendall  : Merge branch 'master' into 
| * b99b0424ca 2019/11/05 Peter Bennett : FFmpeg: Sync to latest 4.2 source

David: Note I had to add __STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS to libmythtv.pro to get 
the compile to work.

David: I see a lot of warnings about "register" being obsolete. I hope 
there is some way of avoiding making a change to FFmpeg code for this.

Mark; Once you are happy with this we can merge it back into master.


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