[mythtv] Channel Management Ideas and Plans

faginbagin mythtv at hbuus.com
Sun Jan 27 23:14:05 UTC 2019

On January 27, 2019 4:09:39 PM EST, David Engel <david at istwok.net> wrote:
>Here's a brief description of some of the things relating to channel
>management that I hope to work on.  I'll likely start on some of them
>soon.  I'll get to the others when/if I get to them.  Please provide
>comments or other suggestions here.
>Removal of DataDirect Support
>This has been discussed many times before and already announced here.
>The intent is to simplify mythfilldatabase and related functionality
>by only supporting xmltv.
>Remove Some Dependencies on the Channel Table
>When program entries are primarily read from the recorded table (Watch
>Recordings screen) and the oldrecorded table (Previously Recorded
>screen), they are augmented with data from the channel table.  This is
>the reason that channel and videosource entries must be kept in the
>database even after they are no longer being used for new recordings.
>The intent of the following options is to remove these dependencies on
>the channel table so that channels and videosources can be deleted as
>soon as they are no longer used.
>Option 1.  Add the relevant columns to the other tables.  The recorded
>table would add channum, callsign and channame(*).  The oldrecorded
>table would add channum and channame.
>Option 1a.  The same as option 1 but add the new columns to the
>recordedprogram table instead of the recorded table.  I prefer plain,
>option 1 for simplicity and keeping the program and recordedprogram
>tables with the same columns.
>Option 2.  Add some new indication in the channel table for "Deleted"
>channels.  This could work with the cost being more complexity to
>ignore deleted channels in the appropriate places and deciding when to
>actually delete an entry or  mark it as deleted.
>Right now, I prefer option 1 due to its simplicity.  One downside is
>that other potentially useful data about the channel would be lost
>when it's deleted.  For example, what if a themer wanted to show the
>channel icon in Watch Recordings instead of or in addition to the
>preview image?
>(*)A couple of other columns from the channel table are pulled in here
>but I believe they are only relevant immediately after the program was
>recorded.  Returning NULLs if the channel is deleted much later should
>not cause a problem.
>Enhance Channel Visibility with New Values
>Gary Buhrmaster has a nice script for managing the channel.visible
>setting for HDHomeRun Prime users(*)(#).  Unfortunately, the script
>doesn't and can't know things that only the user knows.  Things like
>"even though I can receive the channel, I don't want it visible" or
>"the channel isn't receivable right now but I know it will be when I
>plan to use it".
>To solve this problem, I intend to extend the meaning of
>channel.visible from simply no and yes values to also include values
>for "never" and "always".  Gary's script could then be changed to know
>not to override those values.
>(*)I can envision other, similar scripts and even functionality built
>into MythTV for periodically scanning and validating channel
>reception.  This change would be useful for them too.
>(#)Gary also has other scripts that are very useful for MythTV users.
>In fact, they are part of the inspiration for this series of changes.
>Better Automated Handling of Channel Additions/Deletions
>Handling of channels additions and deletions in mythfilldatabase has
>always seemed way more complex to me than needed.  Perhaps that
>because of the DataDirect complication (see above) or I'm just to
>naive to understand all of the subtleties.  Either way, I hope to
>improve on it.
>Note that I'm primarily concerning myself with the
>mythfilldatabase/xmltv part of this problem for the time being.  I
>know I can't totally ignore channel scanning for those tuner types
>that require it but major changes in the is not something I'm prepared
>to take on.
>Anyway, I'm looking to add new settings for each videosource to
>control channel additions and deletions.  For additions, I'm thinking
>of a setting with values like "ignore", "add as never visible", "add
>as invisible", "add as visible" and "add as always visible".  If it's
>possible to actually check the reception then also have an option for
>"add as detected".  For deletions, I'm thinking of a setting with
>values like "ignore", "delete", "mark as invisible" and "mark as
>never visible".
>Better Automated Handling of Channel Updates
>Besides channels getting added and deleted, other channel information
>like names, callsigns and icons get updated over time.  I don't know
>if mythfilldatabasse handles any of that or not.  Gary Buhrmaster
>(surprise), though, has a script for doing much of this, at least for
>tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite users.  I'd like to see some of that
>functionality get rolled into MythTV proper.  I don't know if that
>should be mythfilldatabase, mythutil or an entirely new utility at
>this point.
>One complicating factor is deciding how granularly to control the
>updates -- at the videosource level and/or the individual channel
>level.  Also, which information to allow updates -- purely cosmetic
>stuff like name vs. callsign (with scheduling implications) vs. tuning
>stuff like frequency and multiplex.  Gary's script allows very
>granular control which is great for me because I need it.  Others
>probably don't and just makes things more complex for them.

Regarding option 1, I assume you aren't suggesting adding callsign to oldrecorded because it already has a station column, which seems to me to be an alias for callsign. Would it make sense to change that column name to callsign to be consistent across the board?

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