[mythtv] Missed recordings caused by EIT guide update

Klaas de Waal klaas.de.waal at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 15:31:27 UTC 2019

In a system that uses EIT for the guide data, if you schedule a single
recording and the start time does later on change even as little as
one minute then the entry will be shown in the "Upcoming Recordings"
as "Not listed" and it will not be recorded.
This is something that I would like to fix.

I am familiar with the EIT guide update code in programdata.cpp; I
have the chanid, the original start date/time and the new start
date/time of the program to be updated. I am not familiar with the
scheduler code.

As I understand it the chanid and the start date/time does uniquely
identify a recording and thus also a scheduled recording.

What needs to be done is then:
- check if a program to be updated is to be recorded (based on chanid
and start date/time)
- if it is, update the start date/time.

I would appreciate comments about this and if possible hints on where
and how this could be implemented in an efficient manner.


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