[mythtv] Services API: Does Dvr/AddRecordSchedule work?

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 01:28:09 UTC 2018

On 10/12/2018 07:49 PM, John P Poet wrote:
> I see AddRecordSchedule here
> https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/API_parameters_29#Dvr_service but when I try to
> use it, I am getting a 500 response.  Is this not working, or am I not
> calling it correctly?
> I am calling it from python:
>      endpoint = 'Dvr/AddRecordSchedule'
>      post = recrule.asDict()
>      opt = {'wrmi':True}
>      try:
>          resp_dict = backend.send(endpoint=endpoint, postdata=post, opts=opt)
>      except RuntimeError as error:
>          sys.exit('\nFatal error: "{}"'.format(error))
>      except RuntimeWarning as warning:
>          print('Warning: {}'.format(warning))
> recrule is a classed derived from a named tuple with the various arguments
> in it, for example: ChanId, Title, Subtitle, etc.
> I admit to not having a lot of python experience, but this seems pretty
> straight forward.  I just want to verify that the Dvr/AddRecordSchedule is
> supposed to be working, before I waste a lot of time debugging this code.
> Various other Services API calls are working perfectly.

It does work. My usual 1st choice is: mythbackend --setverbose http:debug,upnp:debug
(probably overkill.) And check the backend log...

Here's a snippet from one of my tests:

     endpoint = 'Dvr/AddRecordSchedule'

     params_not_sent = ('AverageDelay', 'CallSign', 'Id', 'LastDeleted',
                        'LastRecorded', 'NextRecording', 'ParentId')

     for param in params_not_sent:
             del template[param]
         except KeyError:

I also use:

     logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG if args['debug'] else logging.INFO)

and a --debug switch to the Python program to activate the log messages. The
send.py you're using has a bit more on the above.

I attached my add_recording_rule.py FYI. The command line (just to test, without --wrmi):
add_recording_rule.py --ho ofc0 --title Elementary --debug --digest admin:mythtv

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