[mythtv] codecs

David Hampton mythtv at love2code.net
Mon Dec 17 03:48:23 UTC 2018

On Mon, 2018-12-17 at 11:00 +0800, James Linder wrote:
> Hi
> sorry to trouble the list, I’ve saerched and searched but found
> nothing.
> I build myth from src.
> After config I get
> # External Codec Options
> mp3lame                   no
> xvid                      no
> x264                      no
> x265 (HEVC)               no
> vpx                       no
> SDL2                      no
> What are external codecs for?
> My problen in particular is that some Oz channels transmit h264 which
> I cannot transcode (mythtranscode fails) is this due to missing
> codecs?

You can enable support for those codecs with additional arguments to

  External codec library options (used for mythffmpeg and streaming
  --enable-libmp3lame      enable MP3 encoding via libmp3lame [no]
  --enable-libx264         enable H.264 encoding via x264 [no]
  --enable-libx265         enable H.265 encoding via x265 [no]
  --enable-libvpx          enable VP8 encoding via libvpx [no]
  --enable-libxvid         enable Xvid encoding via xvidcore,
                           native MPEG-4/Xvid encoder exists [no]


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