[mythtv] YV12 problem

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 17:48:08 UTC 2018

On 12/12/18 1:26 AM, David Engel wrote:
> I tested on my second generation firetv stick and first generation
> firetv tonight with and without the reversio patch.  I saw no jaggies
> whatsoever.
The jaggies occur on the right hand half of the picture. They may not be 
noticeable depending on the content you are watching. This happens in 
1080i and 720p, but they are more visible in 720p content. The right 
hand one third or one half of the screen has half resolution, due to 
insufficient precision in opengl es when applying the luminance via the 

Please try this video and look at the fox sports logo. I am using fire 
stick 2g. This is progressive 720p content, and I use mediacodec decoding.


> The firetv 1g was quite usable but moreso with mediacodec decoding.
> With ffmpeg decoding of mpeg2 video, 720p was fine but 1080i needed
> bob or one-field deinterlacing to not stutter.
> The firetv stick 2g wasn't as nice.  I couldn't find any combination
> of setting that didn't stutter.  That's in line with what I've heard
> and read about all firetv stick pre-4k -- they just aren't powerful
> enought for MythTV.
Fire stick 2g has jerky movement due to a reduced frame rate (many 
frames are dropped). The audio is smooth without interruption, audio 
video sync is fine and playback keeps up. There are some people who are 
happy to watch it this way, although I would not like the jerky 
movement. I would rather not add jaggies to the mix if possible.

I use the video, advanced, avsync2, standard decoding for mpeg2 with 
linear blend deinterlace, and mediacodec for non-mpeg2.


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