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Sun Nov 12 17:15:36 UTC 2017

Le 12 nov. 2017 04:37, "Peter Bennett" <pb.mythtv at gmail.com> a écrit :

On 11/11/2017 08:14 PM, Stephen Worthington wrote:

> When playing downloaded video files, be aware that there is a nasty
> bug in one of the most commonly used programs used to make these
> files, Adobe Premiere.  Whenever it creates slow motion in its files,
> the audio/video interleaving seems to be disabled, at least for the
> slow motion section.  So you get all the video frames followed by all
> the audio frames, with no interleaving.  If the slow motion section is
> small enough, the playback program's buffering can cope with this, but

The core issue is that mythtv player is very poorly designed here. It uses
a single ring buffer, demuxing data as it comes in. If the frame demuxed is
a video frame it will decode it, if it's audio then so be it.

If the container doesn't contain properly interleaved data, then it will
decode a lot of video and by that time the audio may underrun.

It should have two different streams, one for audio and one for video.

The entire architecture of the player sucks anyway, it's beyond

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