[mythtv] "Extra Audio Buffering" setting

David Hampton mythtv at dhampton.net
Sun Nov 12 04:50:35 UTC 2017

On Sun, 2017-11-12 at 14:14 +1300, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> ---snip---
> When playing downloaded video files, be aware that there is a nasty
> bug in one of the most commonly used programs used to make these
> files, Adobe Premiere.  Whenever it creates slow motion in its files,
> the audio/video interleaving seems to be disabled, at least for the
> slow motion section.  So you get all the video frames followed by all
> the audio frames, with no interleaving.  If the slow motion section
> is
> small enough, the playback program's buffering can cope with this,
> but
> MythTV seems to have a smaller buffer size than most Windows player
> programs, and that means it will fail to play back these files when
> the Windows software is OK.  This causes MythTV to be blamed for the
> problem, rather than Adobe.  I have tried to convince the owner of
> one
> web site that I subscribe to that it is an Adobe bug he should report
> to them and get fixed, but as he did not have sufficient technical
> knowledge I was unable to convince him and he just told me to use a
> better program to play the files.  My solution is to run his files
> through ffmpeg with the right options to get them re-interleaved
> correctly.  But it would be good to work out what sort of buffer
> sizes
> are commonly used in other software and make MythTV use at least that
> much buffer, so it does not get blamed for problems like this.

Do you have a pointer to such a file so that I can look at it?  Thanks.


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