[mythtv] noob to MythTV development

Peter Bennett pgbennett at comcast.net
Sun Mar 12 01:05:44 UTC 2017

On 03/11/2017 09:49 AM, Dave Mansfield wrote:
> Hi -
> First time posting to the DEV maillist and mostly to introduce myself.
> Love the app - been toying around with it since 0.25 ("hosted" it on 
> SuSE, CentOS, and now Ubuntu). Never really dove under the hood too 
> much, but with my last hurdle being some remote control woes (I use an 
> MX-850 with six devices and until it's seamless, my wife will reject 
> using it!), I've decided to lean into things a bit more formally.
> So, I decided to poke about the bug tracker and cherry pick some 
> low-hanging stuff allowing me to get comfortable with the flow of things.
> With regards to development:  I've been looking at the web pages and 
> have not seen info on coding templates for Eclipse.  Has anyone who 
> uses Eclipse setup code templates? If so, can I get an exported copy 
> of the templates?  (Spaces vs. tabs is an ironclad rule with me, too!)
I don't know about others, but I am not using Eclipse. Just gdb for 
> On the overall architecture: Is there anything that paints the big 
> picture on how Myth is put together?  One of the more confusing 
> aspects is what's messaged or signalled vs. read in from the DB 
> layer.  Most helpful to be able to grok that out early..

Did you look at code.mythtv.org? In particular 

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