[mythtv] Proposed change to Network Communications

Peter Bennett pgbennett at comcast.net
Fri Mar 10 04:09:26 UTC 2017

On 03/09/2017 08:29 PM, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> I have a /56.  Best would be to have an option to set the size of the
> local IPv6 network.  In the absence of that option, use the subnet
> size seen on the interface (almost always a /64).  If you limit it to
> only the link-local subnet, then IPv6 traffic from someone's WiFi that
> was on a different /64 would be unable to access the MythTV system.
I have a /64 from Comcast.

I hope to look up the prefix size from the network settings. I have not 
yet checked if QT can supply that info. If I cannot get the information 
I think /64 is a reasonable setting. If your ISP is allocating a smaller 
prefix, and the code cannot detect it, at worst using /64 may let in 
some of your neighbors from the same ISP, if they happen to be extreme 
hackers, know your IP address, etc.

> The same option should probably be available for IPv4 - optionally
> specify a netmask for the local network.  That way anyone who has a
> sophisticated network setup where different parts of a 10.x.x.x
> address space are used for different things (like different sites in a
> company) can restrict things to just the local part of that network if
> they want.
I don't want to add extra settings if possible. I am trying to make 
setup as simple as possible for the home user. If a company really want 
to use MythTV on its internal network it probably has hardware firewalls 
for this kind of thing. These checks are for protecting the home user.

Article on why ISP's should give /64. It is not from the register...

The experts out there can tell me if the article is true, is all wet or 
garbage. I am not an expert.


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