[mythtv] Proposed change to Network Communications

rudy zijlstra mythtv at grumpydevil.homelinux.org
Thu Mar 9 22:04:19 UTC 2017

On 08-03-17 19:30, Karl Dietz wrote:
> On 08.03.2017 13:36, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
>> security implications of transitioning from "NAT security" (for
> this is the point. "transition from some security to no security"
> There is a perimeter device that currently implement IPv4 perimeter
> security with a method that goes by the name "IPv4 NAT Firewall" or
> similar. (lets not get into details)
> When the provider of this perimeter device now implements IPv6 its up
> to them to also implement some IPv6 perimeter security. Maybe with a
> "real firewall" or whatever.
All operator provided gateways i am aware of that implement IPv6 also 
implement an IPv6 firewall. The default setting is to block all traffic 
inbound into the home network that is not requested. In other words,  
the default is that, in firewall terms, only RELATED traffic is allows 
in from the internet.



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