[mythtv] How can I get hold of the current selected transport stream id?

Roger James roger at beardandsandals.co.uk
Tue Nov 8 16:25:00 UTC 2016

Hi Stuart

The answer to that is not quite. I need to find out the transport stream 
identifier of the stream the "other" section is being carried in. Not the 
transport stream identifier that is encoded into the section itself.  As 
far as I recall it is carried in the PAT in the table id extension field. I 
was hoping we saved it somewhere.

This is all to do with the "severe relaxation" (derogation) from the ETSI 
standard here in the UK where our misuse of the original network id means 
that that there is no correlation of version numbers between an "actual" 
table and the same same table  encoded into an "other" stream, or between 
different "other" streams.

I plan to keep multiple other tables and come up with an algorithm for 
selecting one of these as "second best" when an actual table is not available.


On 8 November 2016 2:29:26 pm Stuart Auchterlonie 
<stuarta at squashedfrog.net> wrote:

> On 08/11/16 12:23, roger wrote:
>> From within the eit code can anyone give me a heads up on how I can get
>> hold of the current transport service id when I am processing an EIT
>> "other" section? I need this to handle  a specific case for the UK
>> Terrestrial DTV network. Looking at the source it does not seem obvious.
>> What have I missed?
> Not sure quite what you mean, but the other EIT data is transmitted with
> a higher tableid that those carrying actual EIT data
> Are you trying to work out what mplex you are currently on when
> gathering data?
> Regards
> Stuart Auchterlonie
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