[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #12809: Use lastPlayPos rather than bookmark

faginbagin mythtv at hbuus.com
Tue Jun 14 05:27:21 UTC 2016

Hi Roger,

Hope you don't mind a few questions about how this works since I don't 
run master, I run 0.27. I rely on bookmarks and can think of one case 
where lastPlayPos would not allow me to resume playback where I'd want 
to. I'm an insomniac and find it easier to fall asleep to something 
playing than when there's dead silence. Before I do fall asleep I will 
periodically update the bookmark. Obviously, when I finally do fall 
asleep, the recording plays to the end.

In this case, lastPlayPos would be cleared, correct?

And bookmarks aren't going away, so I would still be able to resume 
playback at the bookmark, correct?

I would need to use the "Play from ..." sub-menu to resume playback at 
the bookmark, correct?

If I didn't, playback would start at the beginning, correct?

I'd also like to share with you a thread I initiated on the mythtv-users 
list on the subject of bookmark behavior back when I was preparing to 
upgrade to 0.27 back in December 2014 and discovered the behavior had 
changed from what I was used to in 0.23:


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