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Piotr Oniszczuk piotr.oniszczuk at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 19:51:22 UTC 2016

> .
> Also the theme mods aren't really up to scratch - it's only a demo.
> And I'd prefer warpme (& others) to test it first.


I give run for this nice enhancement.
So far all works/looks perfectly. 

Thx for such nice work!

I’m wonder Your opinion about more general thing: user „types”
In this context I think we can divide users using watch-list into 2 groups:

1.ppl preferring when myth intelligently hints them what to watch
2.ppl having clear in mind what they want to see when they like things presented exactly as they want see them

Current solution is really nice for case 1.
I played little with it and must say current watch-list algo. is well thought and quite intelligent.

I’m thinking however how case 2 might be addressed (without rocket science)
Currently I think use-case based thinking will be best…

My use-case is simple sort criteria: from newest to oldest bookmark creation time.

Another sort might be from most progressed to least progressed (for „multithreaded” ppl watching many recordings in multiple short sessions).

Next sort case might be sorting by category then by bookmark creation time (for ppl who watching recording in multiple short sessions but they i.e at morning prefering documentary while at evening films).   

Maybe we can distinguish major types by prefix: 
Intelligent: classic
Intelligent: LimitedOldest
Simple: RecentlyWatched
Simple: MostProgressed
Simple: RecentlyWatchedCategories

Let me know what You think about this….

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