[mythtv] Local install of mythtv

dennis deg at outlook.com
Sat Apr 4 23:06:30 UTC 2015


I have complied and installed the 'master' branch of mythtv and 
installed it into a local directory by setting the  'INSTALL_ROOT' and 
'prefix'  environment variables.  For example,  both were set to 
INSTALL_ROOT=/home/dennis/LOCAL.28 prior to running configure, make, 
and  install.

I am starting the program by setting the path and library path to point 
to this install.

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/dennis/LOCAL.28/usr/local/lib
export PATH=/home/dennis/LOCAL.28/usr/local/bin:$PATH

Most things are working fine,  but I am getting some messages in the 
logs stating it cannot find some files under /usr/local/share/mythtv, 
such as filters and html files.

Some examples are:
Apr  4 17:11:02 POKEY mythbackend: mythbackend[3004]: E HttpServer65 
serverSideScripting.cpp:402 (EvaluatePage) Error calling QSP File: 
2015-04-04 17:51:41.018241 E  FilterManager: Failed to load filter 
library: '/usr/local/lib/mythtv/filters/libkerneldeint.so'

Is there an environment variable I am missing so mythtv knows the 
correct directory to look in?  Is there any way to tell mythtv where to 
look for the files?


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