[mythtv] mythbackend reports "damaged" in the log if recordings does not start at full minute

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Thu Feb 27 18:31:43 UTC 2014


I get these entries in the log:

2014-02-27 07:15:00.133303 I  TVRec[8]:
FinishedRecording(63326_2014-02-27T06:11:00Z) damaged
recq:<RecordingQuality overall_score="0.675"
key="63326_2014-02-27T06:11:00Z" countinuity_error_count="0"
    <Gap start="2014-02-27T06:11:00Z" end="2014-02-27T06:11:26Z"
duration="26" />

when a recording does not start at the full minute, which is mostly the
case for LiveTV.

I guess, it would be good, if MythTV would not recognize such recordings
as "damaged".


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