[mythtv] . . . Fetch Channels From Listing Source option DOES NOT FUNCTION!

John Critchfield Jr. jcritch2 at outlook.com
Mon Feb 3 05:43:34 UTC 2014

After successfully configuring a Video Source in MythTV Backend configuration, and successfully Retrieving Lineups, there is an error in another section of Backend Config that seems like it should not be occurring. In the MythTV Backend configuration, option 5 Input Connections, select an input connection to edit or add a new one, the Fetch Channels From Listing Source option DOES NOT FUNCTION!Using LinHes 8.1.1, which I think uses MythTV 0.27.How can this obvious problem be corrected? This means one must RELY on the Scan For Channels option, which does not create an automatic channel entry for a channel that is too weak to pick up on small antenna!  And the manual channel configuration DOES NOT ALLOW THE ENTRY of an ATSC TV Format channel!!!  SO how does one work around these programming errors??? 		 	   		  
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