[mythtv] channelscan for mpts on udp multicast

radhika g gradhika.dn at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 08:12:49 UTC 2013


I am trying to put all the different programs in the recieved mpts onto
different channels.

Ex: udp:// has an mpts say with 3 programs.
Now after scanning from m3u file, it puts the url on say channel 1

Assume it has 3 programs with
PID 0x30
PID 0x31,
PID 0x32

so we can set the first PID on channel 1 i.e.

Channel 1,  PID 0x30,  port 5000

But how to set the other 2 programs onto different channels.
Channel 2,  PID 0x31,  port 5000
Channel 3,  PID 0x32, port 5000

How is it done in the case of some other device cards.

Looking through the code where i could add the channels appropriately with
the associated programs.

--thanks & regards
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