[mythtv] eit for switzerland

Karl Dietz dekarl at spaetfruehstuecken.org
Wed Jan 23 12:03:28 UTC 2013

On 23.01.2013 10:09, Ueli Leutwyler wrote:
> I don't know if I'm right here but it's worth a try.

Which grabber are you referring to?
a) XMLTV's grabber tv_grab_ch_search
b) MythTV's internal EIT scanner

> The build in grabber for Switzerland doesn't work (seems the url has
> changed).

Sounds like tv_grab_ch_search. That is strange as the nightly tester
reports it as working.
But there appear to be issues with the latest release, I have not
tested it and can't say if it works or not.
The fix might be as simple as updating to the latest nightly. (and
asking for a new release over at xmltv-users to roll out the fix)

> I wrote a little php script to get the eit infos form www.tele.ch.
> It works great and is pretty fast.
> Maybe this could be integrated into an newer release?

To add a new grabber to XMLTV it would have to be written in Perl and
not violate the sites usage policy / terms of service. So if you pull
down the guide via some API for public consumption you are on the safe
But if its a php command line grabber that implements the XMLTV API
you'd have to host/package it yourself as of now.

I think its best to move over to xmltv-users either way.


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