[mythtv] hello and question

James Courtier-Dutton james.dutton at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 09:22:28 UTC 2013

On 19 December 2012 17:10, Peter Hoopes <phoopes at standrews-de.org> wrote:
> Hello MythTv dev's,
>         First, I wanted to thank you all for the work you do. I love where MythTV
> is going. We use it here at an independent school for capturing and
> distributing video to several classrooms, laptops, and for video storage.
> It works really well.
>         I suspect this isn't the right forum, but I'm hoping one of you can point
> me in the right direction. I'd like to implement a number of MythTV
> Frontends across campus, but I would /really like/ to disable the RECORD
> option. Unlike a person's house where they would normally want that
> functionality at every station, I just want a host of playback (either
> live or recorded) stations, as I'm afraid we're going to overload our
> backend with recording by students (boarding school) and/or delete things.
>         It is possible to have a Frontend with that option disabled? Again, I
> figure I'm not in the right place - any pointers to another mail list or
> developer would be great.

I think what you are looking for here is some type of security layer
between the myth server and the myth client.
This does not exist currently.
I think it would be a nice feature to add, because you could then add
filters on which channels are available on a per client basis, and
other useful options.
mythtv could then start to be used as a low cost hotel/B&B conditional
access room TV system.
Finding some way to remove the direct SQL access from the client to
the server and replacing it with a more secure protocol where features
can be restricted on a per client basis would probably be the place to

Kind Regards


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