[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #6974: last few seconds of video are not played

Jim Stichnoth stichnot at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 03:43:53 UTC 2013

On Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 3:04 PM, Mark Spieth <mark at digivation.com.au> wrote:
> Small review...
> This should actually do everything. Nice and non-polled and precise. Esp.
> IsNearEnd change. Should have seen that.
> Possibly even reduce play speed only if the played recording is in progress
> and extending. But thats for another ticket.
> Some questions which you may have or not considered:
> 1. is it desirable for the next in the live chain/playlist be loaded sooner
> to keep the stream flowing/bufferred?
> 2. similarly MHEG pause sooner than last frame?
> 3. race considerations between threaded parts of Pause and SetPlaying(false)
> functionality.

Thanks, Mark.  I'll take a deeper look at #3, and maybe come back to
#1 later.  I don't have a practical way to test MHEG.

As for the other part of the ticket, I attached a revised version of
your patch to the ticket.  In many cases, it works exactly right,
playing all the way to what appears to be precisely the last frame
that can be seen in the cutlist editor, and it does so with or without
the end-of-recording delete prompt.  However, in other cases, it may
still stop up to almost 1 second before the end of the recording.  In
that case, lots of messages appear in the log: "Video is 30 frames
behind audio (too slow), dropping frame to catch up."  This is
reminiscent of the original play-to-end.patch which also did some
audio blocking.  Is the audio portion still relevant in today's code?


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