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Sun Sep 9 17:16:26 UTC 2012

'Live Stream files are written to a 'Streaming' Storage Group if
one is defined, otherwise they will go in ~/.mythtv/tmp/hls.'

So I think that 'Streaming' should be added to the list of special
groups as it's not a user-defined group that is created to hold

As for the Live TV group free space being included in the total, I'm
still not sure I understand the rational.  I'm probably just
misunderstanding something. :)
What if default group filesystems are almost almost full, but the Live
Tv group happens to have terabytes available on a separate filesystem?
It will appear as if there is plenty of room for new recordings.  But
this won't be true as scheduled recordings can't be to the Live Tv

I've thought of a potentially nasty problem with using zfs.  Say I
have a quota on my recordings filesystem.  The auto expire should
still work as normal.
But when autoexpire kicks in, I better not also have any snapshots in
existence!  I can envisage a situation where the auto expire code
deletes all recordings :(
Deleting a file won't free up space if the file is also in a snapshot.

I'll have a snapshot, so the recordings that existed at the point in
time will be recoverable, but the database entries for them will be

I'd be interested to know how many other people are using zfs and
whether they've run into this.


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