[mythtv] Mythtv install broken

Brendan Fosberry brendan.fosberry at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 22:09:20 UTC 2012


I managed to break my mythtv install by doing he following

1) Install from scratch on ubuntu minimal 12 using mythtv from repos
2) Configure demo test tuner
3) Record a showing using a dummy mpg
4) Thumbnails will generate in mythwb, flash player will work for dummy mpg
and I THINK (need to confirm) post recording jobs will work
5) Record another showing and delete the recording while in progress
6) Recording will not stop until ENDTIME
7) For all future recordings post recording jobs will not work and mythweb
thumbnails will generate. This in turn breaks flash player on mythweb.

Haven't been able to find anything in logs for error wise, the last time
this happened I hadn't restarted rsyslog to mythtv wasnt logging at all.
I'll have to try it again, maybe in a vm to get the logs working and break

Ideally I'd like to get it so that deleting a recording in progress for a
demo tuner doesnt break the system but I'd also like to figure out how to
fix this for future use, otherwise I basically have to wipe if I
accidentally cancel the wrong recording.

Something which may or may not be relevant is the url used generate the
thumbnail image in mythweb has a frame number (number of frames into the
recording to grab a thumbnail from) of -1. I checked the code and this
doesnt get USED but could be as symptom. I dont know a lot about the DB
structure but I didnt see anything odd from the tables I looked at. If
anyone has any ideas what part of mythtv might be causing this and where I
can start looking that would be awesome. I'll do a test and see if the same
thing happens with import test recorder.

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