[mythtv] DVD dropping back to the frontend at the menu. PCM_DVD problem?

Neil Salstrom salstrom at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 04:33:14 UTC 2012

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 10:54 AM, Neil Salstrom <salstrom at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've not given it a huge test considering I'm across the state and
> doing it remotely but due to the wonders of ssh and vnc I was able to
> make the change then play one of the DVD .iso's that had issues.  It
> played fine and I was able to get to the menu and select different
> chapters to play.  GREAT!!!!
> Thank you!  If you make a patch that is more of a fix then a hack I'll
> gladly test it for you.
> Thanks again,
> Neil

Spoke too soon...  the code change allowed the disk to play and the
main menu had audio however none of the chapters played audio (it's a
workout DVD where from the main menu you can select different
workouts).  I've confirmed it works fine with all audio in VLC.

When I start the disk I now get:
2012-11-23 19:08:03.233644 I  AFD: Stream #1, has id 0xa0 codec id
PCM_S16BE, type Audio, bitrate 1536000 at 0x26ecda0
2012-11-23 19:08:03.233659 I  AFD: codec PCM_S16BE has 2 channels
2012-11-23 19:08:03.233670 I  AFD: Looking for decoder for PCM_S16BE
2012-11-23 19:08:03.233717 I  AFD: Opened codec 0x26ebd00,
id(PCM_S16BE) type(Audio)

However when select a chapter I now get:
2012-11-23 19:08:04.105655 I  AFD: Stream #3, has id 0xa0 codec id
PCM_DVD, type Audio, bitrate 0 at 0x7fc7e097d480
2012-11-23 19:08:04.105671 I  AFD: codec PCM_DVD has 0 channels
2012-11-23 19:08:04.105681 I  AFD: Looking for decoder for PCM_DVD
2012-11-23 19:08:04.105753 E  AFD: Could not open codec
0x7fc7e0980980, id(PCM_DVD) type(Audio) aborting. reason -22

So... it looks like it solved the menu issue but not chapters.



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