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Thu May 17 19:07:19 UTC 2012


I noticed that there was a discussion about "read-only user".

Most of our Customers usually have Maintainer-user and read-only
users, where 'Maintainer-user' can view defects; triage the defects
AND assign the defects to others user, whereas 'read-only users' can
only view the defects(no triage). 'read-only users' fixes the Source
Code based on triage action decided by Maintainer/Developer user.

Currently we do NOT have 'read-only user' feature in Coverity SCAN,
which is dedicated only for Open Source project.
We can probably provide this by adding checkbox in create user screen
to create user with read-only permission.
Let me know if the discussion was about 'read-only user' in SCAN, and
if you guys are interested, we can add that in Coverity SCAN.

I haven't yet gotten back to him wrt either of these.

I don't think the read-only user as described above would be quite
right for MythTV's needs.  Ideally, there should be a guest account
that is able to triage bugs but only into certain categories.  (e.g. a
guest user should be able to move a defect report from Unclassified to
"Probable Bug" or "Probable False Positive" but not change the status
of a defect already classified as Bug/FP and not be able to classify
defects as Bug/FP.)  This would allow anyone to participate in the
triage process without interfering with developer actions.


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