[mythtv] Learning how to do Development on MythTV

Francesco Giuffrida Francesco.Giuffrida at avantiplc.com
Wed May 9 13:41:34 UTC 2012

Hello My name is Francesco,
I'm working on a proof of concept project for a Ka band satellite project, where my aim is to build a sort of  Linux hybrid DTT/Ka STB, where a initially the Satellite will deliver PVOD content via a  separate application (already existing).
My intention is to use MythTV as core of the STB for this proof of concept.
I'm looking to "get on speed" on the MythTV code organization, I'm fluent in C and C++, but not Qt unfortunately.
I need to get as much as possible familiar with the way that the MythTV code is organized, how to debug and so on.

My Initial objective is:

-          Be able to creating multiple archive structure for the media storage (Video Home) visible in the UI interface (categories/media providers and so on) filling all the possible tags, picture preview and so on.

-          Trigger from outside mythtv the rescan of the media folders upgrading the catalog Or interfacing the MythTV DB with an external application


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