[mythtv] status of MythTV wrt Coverity Scan

Eric Sharkey eric at lisaneric.org
Mon May 7 16:14:39 UTC 2012

On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 11:43 AM, Erik Hovland <erik at hovland.org> wrote:
> You are better off starting w/ master. It is the branch that will
> matter going forward and it is easier to back port fixes then work like
> heck to get defect fixes into a mostly frozen tree and then forward
> port.

I still don't understand this logic.  Why would a defect report in the
fixes branch necessitate a fix in the fixes branch?  If the bug is
serious, you'll want to fix it in all branches.  If it's not very
serious, you'll fix it in master only.  This is independent of the
branch where the bug is found.

I'll prepare builds for both master and 0.25 fixes and check back on
this list before actually submitting anything to Coverity.


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