[mythtv] 0.25 Metadata v. Mac OS X

Yves Cayer ycayer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 22:44:00 UTC 2012

Here's the attachment. 

This is still just a proof of concept. There's an issue with the python version number and also this doesn't take care of any dependencies. In fact, the MySQLdb module required by the bindings has proven to be a pain to deal with, and it doesn't look to be possible to include those dependencies with the package directly without some sort of installer, or, as you mentioned previously, including python and all required libs in the app bundle. 

If one can deal with the bindings separately, then this solution takes care of adding mythmetadatlookup to the bundle. It would be simple to add it to the fronted bundle as well.

Doesn't XBMC distribute python and libs as part of their app bundle?

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