[mythtv] Ticket #10483: mythtranscode crasshes when using --profile for lossless transcodes

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 00:08:23 UTC 2012

> Comment (by beirdo):
>  Umm, when using gdb, we actually need a backtrace.
>  {{{
>  thread apply all bt full
>  }}}
>  Also, this is dying with qFatal.  That means that Qt sent a fatal error
>  message to the console where this was started, and that message is
>  critical to figuring out what it didn't like.  If you ran this from the
>  prompt, what were the last few lines after the console logging?
> Comment (by beirdo):
>  At least that's what it seems from the wee gdb output.

hrmm, I'm using the gdbcommands script in the wiki, so if it's not
creating a backtrace I don't know why?
what's the process for running it "manually"?

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