[mythtv] Looking to commit code...

David Blain mythtv at theblains.net
Mon Mar 5 20:33:52 UTC 2012


Guess I'm a little late to the party since Beta 1 has been packaged up!

I have three sets of commits I'd like to make, but since it's so late in the
release cycle I figured I'd ask here before proceeding.

Commit #1 - Fix for DataDirect

For some reason, my firewall un-gzips the response from DD prior to sending
it to mythfilldatabase.  The patch I have simply checks for a 0 unzip length
and uses the original downloaded data.

Commit #2 - VS2010 tweaks

I missed two small changes to allow code to be compiled in Visual Studio

Commit #3 - Fix for WSDL generation.

Main bullet points:

  * Generates individual Schema (xsd) files on request.
  * Added xslt templates tied to the WSDL & XSD files so they "Pretty Print"
when accessed in a browser.
  * Tested using C#, able to generate all proxy classes.  Tested calls from
Win7 / C# app successfully.
  * NOTE: Had to change the way QVariantMap is serialized to XML.  Key is no
longer an attribute.  Now it's an element.  I would prefer this going in now
so we can keep the interface to the Services API fairly stable  (would hate
to have to change the schema post 0.25).  Also, not many people should be
using this interface yet.

I can provide patches if anyone wants to review. 

Please let me know if I can proceed with committing these changes.



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