[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv/master commit: 8e2982436 by Paul Harrison (paul-h)

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Fri Jan 6 20:07:45 UTC 2012


This is GREAT that mythmusic now will have new features&  consistent
look with rest of MythTV.
Milion thx for this.
I hope You will decide to still devote Your talent to MythTV project.
Loosing You will be clear loss to MythTV community.

I just pull latest GIT (v0.25pre-4025-g181529f-dirty-20120106) for
giving try for new mythmusic code.
Unfortunately launching mythtmusic gives me segfult (trace attached).
As I know this is very fresh code - I decided not filling bug report but
rather post this mail with attached trace.
I was trying it on 2 platforms: ArchLinux with Mythtv code compiled with
all standard options and minimyth. Both segfaults and I don't know why.
Maybe attached trace will be helpful to see what is going wrong.


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