[mythtv] Fix for Firewire Recording Endless Errors Warning: No Input in xxx msec

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Mon Feb 6 21:37:40 UTC 2012

On Mon, 2012-02-06 at 16:27 -0500, Peter Bennett wrote:
> I have been irked by this problem for several months now. This seems to
> be something that has existed in mythtv for years. At random times, the
> linux firewire recorder gets itself into a mode where it is recording
> nothing and displaying endless messages:
> Would it be useful to re-open that ticket and assign it to me?

When you are happy with your solution just attach the patch
and mention it in the ticket comments and it will be reopened.

> There is code in the linux firewire driver to do a "bus reset" when
> these errors occur. In my setup, this code does not fix the error, in
> fact makes it worse by resetting the p2p parameters of the set top box.
> Bus reset is optional and can be turned off in the backend
> configuration. I have it turned off.
> Does anybody know if the "bus reset" serves any purpose. Perhaps with
> other set top boxes it may fix this error?

The bus reset allows you to record from Motorola equipment after you
have tuned to an encrypted channel or when the box just gets wedged.
However the bus reset only works if there is one and only one STB
connected to your firewire bus. Bus resets are done whenever someone
plugs a new firewire device onto the chain (or removes a device) in
OSX, so equipment shouldn't really have a huge problem with resets.

-- Daniel

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