[mythtv] Firewire code and ticket #10277: Warning: No Input in xxx msec

Peter Bennett cats22 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 29 22:33:26 UTC 2012

I had developed a fix for the firewire bug where never ending messages
occur filling up logs and losing recordings: Warning: No Input in 50
msec . . .  etc.

This was working perfectly on mythtv 0.24 for a few months.

Version 0.25 has broken my fix. I am reworking it. I am astonished how
many changes there are to the firewire code since Daniel had said that
he sees not much future for it since so few people are using it.

The logging is considerably changed, but I suppose that is a generic
change across everything.
StartRecording() is renamed run().
The way StopRecording() works is changed and it moved up to RecorderBase.
The pause in the run() loop is changed from 50 ms to 1 second.
A new function call ResetForNewFile() is added to the Open(). I am
guessing this is trying to make sure the start of a file is on a key frame?
However what is I believe an existing bug (the firewire port is never
closed) is not fixed - I have the fix for that in my patch.

I am not complaining - the opposite in fact. It looks like a lot of nice
work is being done even in firewire where so few people are using it.

Hopefully I will have my 0.25 patch working soon and attach it to the


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