[mythtv] [Q]: EIT giving overlapping time slots

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Fri Sep 30 19:39:20 UTC 2011

On 09/30/11 18:26, Emmanuel wrote:
> The question is not silly so I hope my answer wont be either ;-)
> In fact its not a standard EIT, it is a proprietary one that I have to 
> decode myself. The good thing is that it is long term EIT (up to 8 days 
> IIRC), moreover no grabber that I know of has these channels correctly. 
> So instead of having no data, I have bad data, I guess it is still worth 
> it though.
> I also made a patch for mythtv to collect this by plugging my decoder 
> into active scanning, it worked well but prevented my backend from 
> sleeping. Also it is on one TP so you cant really do passive scanning as 
> if you are unlucky (which has happened to me) you dont collect data for 
> a long period of time (some other hacks can be done to fix that) so 
> finally I decided to run it when mythtv goes to sleep and use mythfillDB.

it was mentioned that myth might gain the ability to gather EIT data
from a fixed transponder. but it has never been implemented. i really
should have a go so that i can add the sky epg data source

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