[mythtv] [Q]: EIT giving overlapping time slots

Emmanuel eallaud at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 17:28:36 UTC 2011

On 30/09/2011 12:48, dekarl wrote:
> Hi Manu,
>>>> I have developped a little app that gets the EIT when myth is offline
>>>> and outputs an xml file. But I discovered that mythfilldb refuses some
> We call these apps "xmltv grabber", like tv_grab_dvb or epgsnoop. (first two hits
> when I searched for "EIT to XMLTV")
>>>> programs which are overlapping: there is on beginning at 19h30 when the
>>>> previous one ends at 19h35 and it does not get stuffed into the DB. Is
>>>> there something that can be done (I could probably hack the xml
>>>> generation to get this particular program in, but I guess I have others
>>>> that suffer from the same problem).
>>> That sounds like invalid data, so I wouldn't be surprised to see MythTV reject it.  In fact, rejection sounds best to me, so that no one gets false assurances.
>>> After all, how is anyone or anything at all to know what to believe, let alone do, from listings data like that?
>> Yes I understand that but I would like to override this rejection if possible, because this is all the data I can get (its for local channels on the sat here in the FWI).
> You are doing it wrong.
> The only one who knows what to do with these overlapping programs is you and your grabber.
> You *must* decide to pick either start or stop time as "good time" and adjust the other one.
> This is nothing that some "mythical dice throwing algorithm" can decide.
> Of course you can let your grabber make educated guesses based on which channel, time of day,
> etc. the overlap occurs. (or even fudge known bad start times)
As I answered to Stuart, I dont want mythfillDB to play dice, I just 
want it to do the fudge thing for me under my control if possible. I 
hope it is possible, thats all.

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