[mythtv] Trailing spaces in callsigns

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Sat Sep 24 13:38:13 UTC 2011

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 1:18 AM, Jerry Rubinow <jerrymr at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 12:31 AM, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com
> > wrote:
>> On 09/15/2011 09:58 PM, Jerry Rubinow wrote:
>> > On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 1:44 PM, Michael T. Dean<
>> mtdean at thirdcontact.com>wrote:
>> >
>> >> On 09/15/2011 12:15 PM, Jerry Rubinow wrote:
>> >>> On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 12:06 PM, Stuart Morgan wrote:
>> >>>> On Thursday 15 Sep 2011 07:44:51 Jerry Rubinow wrote:
>> >>>>> Would a patch be accepted which trimmed off trailing whitespace in
>> the channel callsigns before doing the comparison for merging channels in
>> the program guide?
>> >>>> Would it not be easier in the long term to trim the whitespace at the
>> time the callsign is inserted into the database instead of all the places
>> that it's read back from the database?
>> >>>>
>> >>>> A one-off DB update could address the existing instances of
>> trailing/leading whitespace.
>> >> Ah, yeah, I misread it thinking he was asking about fixing the
>> callsigns
>> >> in the editors so they're put in the database correctly.  But, yeah, I
>> >> agree it should be fixed upon insert--meaning we only need a fix for
>> the
>> >> 4 channel editors (mythtv-setup, frontend, MythWeb, and HTTP setup).
>> > I started looking at mythtv-setup, channeleditor.cpp to be specific.  I
>> see
>> > where it reads the DB and populates the UI with the channel info, but I
>> > don't see how edited info gets back into the DB.  Background: lots of
>> C++
>> > experience, not so much with QT, some DB work, enough to puzzle my way
>> > through understanding a query.
>> >
>> Looks like ChannelUtil::CreateChannel() and
>> ChannelUtil::UpdateChannel(), which are probably used by the frontend
>> editor, too.
>> Also, it seems that the xmltv config(?) uses
>> ChannelData::handleChannels().
> Ok, it looks like there are four places that UPDATE the channel table and
> one place that INSERTs into the channel table.  Would modifying these five
> places to trim trailing whitespace before modifying callsign cover all four
> channel editors?
> libmythtv/tv_rec.cpp:
> SetChannelInfo
> mfdb/channeldata.cpp:
> handleChannels
> libmythtv/datadirect.cpp:
> UpdateChannelsUnsafe
> libmythtv/channelutil.cpp:
> UpdateChannel
> libmythtv/channelutil.cpp:
> CreateChannel
> -Jerry

I put trimmed() calls in all the above places, but mythtv-setup doesn't seem
to use UpdateChannel in channelutil.cpp in the channel editor.  I'm having a
bit of trouble following the GUI code as far as finding the code path from
channeleditor.cpp to any code which updates the database.  It looks like
ChannelEditor::edit puts up the channel edit screen, using ChannelWizard,
and then updates the main page when the user is done, using fillList. So I
guess the updating must happen inside ChannelWizard, but I'm unable to find
any code path to database updating.  Any nudges in the right direction

Also, Mike, you mentioned a frontend channel editor and HTTP setup channel
editor - is the MFE channel editor somewhere in the setup screens?
 What/where is the HTTP setup?

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