[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv/master commit: 0e84bfed2 by Michael T. Dean (sphery)

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Mon Sep 19 17:45:16 UTC 2011

On 9/19/11, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> On 09/18/2011 05:24 AM, Paul Harrison wrote:
>> My preference would be to just restore the left/right actions in the OSD
>> menus so you can navigate the menus like Mark K intended them to be. If
>> it could be done so it works the same in all the menus then all the
>> better.
> No, if all I wanted to do was remove the setting, I'd have just removed
> the setting and made it always on (which, IMHO, is the way it should
> have been, as there's no reason for the setting--we should either
> support it or not support it).
> I truly--as I said--wanted to fix the lack of consistency.
> Since it seems everyone would prefer that I justify the decision--which
> was discussed at length both on IRC /and/ in these lists over the years
> and other developers actually agreed that consistency was more important
> than keeping a broken, partial implementation (though I'll let you all
> find the references yourself because I've already spent way more of my
> time justifying this change than it's worth, so don't want to go dig
> them up myself, and I don't want to throw other people who were involved
> in the discussions to the wolves and have everyone picking apart every
> word they said)--here's a little sampling of the problems with the
> partial implementation we had:
> a) In 0.22, we lost the ability to hit RIGHT on a recording in Watch
> Recordings to bring up the action popup (with Play, Play from..., ...
> options).  At this point everyone complained, and since it wasn't me who
> made the change, other people got called names.
> b) In 0.24-fixes MythTV, you can use LEFT/RIGHT to navigate in the main
> menu, but only if it's a vertically-arranged theme.  If you use Terra,
> for example. LEFT/RIGHT doesn't do BACK/SELECT--and, more importantly,
> UP/DOWN doesn't do BACK/SELECT.
> c) In 0.24-fixes MythTV, you can use LEFT/RIGHT within any mythui dialog
> box (MythDialogBox), but only if it's arranged vertically and, more
> importantly, only with certain types of items.  (MythUIButtonListItems
> only?  Definitely not MythUICheckBox.  Definitely not
> GroupSelector--which actually /looks/ identical to a MythUIListItem,
> making it really hard to tell that it doesn't work.)  For example, in
> Watch Recordings, you can bring up the MENU, then use RIGHT to select
> Change Group View and Change Group Filter, then navigate through the
> group list with UP/DOWN or PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN, and when you find the
> group/filter you want, you /cannot/ select it with RIGHT--you /must/ use
> d) In 0.24-fixes MythTV, in the schedule editor, you can highlight,
> "Schedule Options" or "Storage Options" or whatever and if you hit
> RIGHT/LEFT, it goes to the next item in the list--in Arclight and
> MythCenter, at least, that means that when I hit RIGHT to select the
> item, it moves to the item underneath the one I've highlighted.
> e) In 0.24-fixes MythTV, in the program list (such as the Upcoming
> Recordings screen), I can't hit RIGHT to select an item.  In MythCenter,
> LEFT/RIGHT do nothing.  In Arclight, hitting RIGHT on an upcoming
> recording go back to the list of days (filter?) on the left.
> f) In 0.24-fixes MythTV, in the program finder, I can select a title on
> the left, and hit RIGHT and it shows the list of items with that title.
> Then, if I want to schedule a recording, I can't hit RIGHT, again,
> because doing so moves me to the "First Letter" box--which is way over
> on the left in MythCenter and up and to the left in Arclight.  Instead,
> I have to hit SELECT to bring up the schedule editor.
> g) In 0.24-fixes MythTV, in programrecpriority (Set Priorities and
> Recording Rules), hitting LEFT/RIGHT decrements or increments the
> priority of the recording rule rather than selecting an item.
> h) In 0.24-fixes MythTV, in the Program Details screen, I can't use LEFT
> to dismiss the dialog/get back to the list of recordings or the EPG.  I
> can't use RIGHT to move to the next page of the details.
> i) In 0.24-fixes MythTV, in the New Titles screen, when you bring up the
> "Choose Search Phrase" dialog, selecting RIGHT on, for example, Movies
> doesn't select Movies (like SELECT does), but moves you down to the
> Cancel button, then you have to hit RIGHT, again, to get to OK, then hit
> j) Many, many more inconsistencies throughout the UI that I don't have
> time to list.

I think you are confusing the situation somewhat here. I'm really not
bothered about any of these they can stay as they are for all I care.
I agree that using right to mean select and left to mean exit is
confusing and have never said otherwise.

> 0.24-fixes MythTV was used for the examples, above, because its behavior
> is the same as master's behavior before this commit.
> The problem with the OSD menu is that it's not an OSD menu.  It's a
> MythDialogBox.  The reason it worked the way it did was because
> MythDialogBox worked the way it did.  It now works exactly like the
> dialog boxes work in Watch Recordings.  For example, in Watch
> Recordings, select a recording and hit MENU to bring up the menu.  Then
> select Storage Options or Recording Options or Job Options to get a sub
> menu, then hit ESCAPE or BACK and the entire menu/sub-menu is
> dismissed.  And, as a matter of fact, even in 0.24-fixes in those
> sub-menus, when you hit LEFT (with arrow-key acceleration), it dismisses
> the sub-menu and the menu.

This is what I'm more concerned about. Using right to move to a sub
menu and left to return to a parent menu just seems natural to me.

> And, as Stuart said, we're working on ideas to make it better than it
> was.  When it returns, it will be better than the 10% solution we had.
> Obviously leaving it in place wasn't encouraging anyone to actually do
> it right, so maybe this will.
> Nah, really, you caught me.  It was just about the setting.  I removed a
> completely useless setting (because we should either support arrow-key
> acceleration or not support it--so there's no reason to make it a
> setting), but rather than stop there, just for good measure I also
> removed a feature that I liked--at least a feature I liked it when/where
> it worked.
> Of course, I'm probably just lying about all this, too.  After all,
> that's what I do, I suppose.
> Mike

Paul H.

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