[mythtv] Android companion application for Mythweb / API for Mythweb

thomas strandenaes thostr at yahoo.no
Sun Nov 6 11:18:24 UTC 2011

I'm a long term, happy and active user of Mythtv. Congratulations on a great open source project and product! I am also a developer, and I've thought of ways to contribute to the project. I've recently picked up Android application development, and I am thinking of developing an Android application for administrating Mythtv recordings on my android devices. More specifically, I am planning on extending the Mythweb project with an API (RESTful) for the obvious functions (channel, listings, recordings etc) and then consume these services on the Android application. I've just barely started to study the Mythweb PHP code, but before I get my hands too dirty I would like to know whether such an extension to the Mythweb project will be considered relevant and is something I can expect to have commited into the Mythweb project. Alternatively I could use the MythBackend protocol and implement a separate web project, but given that most of the required code is in
 place within Mythweb and is already maintained there, I consider extending Mythweb with a thin API layer to be the most attractive option. Having Mythweb expose an API will also facilitate other similar applications on other platforms. A second and perhaps more obvious alternative would be to develop a Mythweb template suited for Android usage. I however don't find this to be a very attractive option, as I would like a more fluid and responsive user experience than a pure web application can provide.

Would be very happy to receive feedback on my plans and thoughts. If there are other similar APIs or ongoing projects, I would also like to know about these.

Best regards,

Thomas in Norway

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