[mythtv] A need for advanced player settings

Kyle Rose krose at krose.org
Tue May 31 19:26:56 UTC 2011

> So far that isn't so bad, the problem is that users C, D, and E who
> have no idea what they are doing just search google and find the
> commands to run in the mailing list archive without reading the
> documentation, 6 month later one of they runs into a different problem
> which is actually caused by the setting they changed in the table when
> they really had no idea what they are doing.  They come onto the
> mailing list and everyone struggles to help them out, not realizing
> that they actually adjusted something which caused the fault in the
> first place.

Which is precisely why the kernel folks came up with tainting: so they
could easily identify users took some action that was unsupported. A
similar system combined with a utility to easily gather information
about a user's configuration would probably work here.

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