[mythtv] Mythvideo DVD ripping

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Tue May 10 22:36:47 UTC 2011

> AFAIK copying an encrypted DVD block by block and thereby preserving the
> encryption is acceptable use for backup purposes, However. creating a
> decrypted iso image is not.

You are apparently from France - what the heck are you talking about?
Didn't you guys just agree to a whole bunch of "fair usage" terms that
allow you to backup your DVDs?

The whole decryption thing is up to the lawyers to decide.  However, in
many jurisdictions it's hard to stop amateurs and hobbyists doing their
own thing - those selling commercial products might need to take advice

I do get frustrated watching non lawyers on this list get all excited
about laywer type things.  INAL, but please be really careful about
contributing on these issues...

(Not speaking as a lawyer, but DVDs need to be decrypted to be played -
it's entirely silly that some countries give a c**p about where the
decryption using a *well documented* decryption protocol, takes place...
Why do people think it's ok to decrypt the DVD (illegally) every time
you play it, but not to decrypt it once (at rip) and store the result?)

My use case would love to see background ripping returned to mythtv.  I
would also like to see the previous posted patches implemented that rip
only the sectors references by scanning the disc using libdvdcss - it
seems some DVDs might accidentally be authored with unreadable sectors
on the disc and it saves a bunch of time to slurp only the sectors with
relevant data on them (avoiding the accidentally broken authoring...).

(I see no reason that we should backup unused sectors on a DVD - anyone
understand why a naive backup of the unused sectors of a DVD makes
sense? We don't do it for hard disk backups - why do we do it for DVDs
other than version 1 naive backup algorithms?)


Ed W

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