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Edward Hughes IV edward at hughes-home.com
Sun Mar 20 18:22:06 UTC 2011

> On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 6:11 PM, Will Tatam <will [at] netmindz> wrote:
> > The default list of options passed to ffmpeg are long over due for a
> > refresh, the options I use are
> >
> > -ar 44100
> >
> > Why use 11025 by default, it sounds horrible. Users can put up with a
> > grainy picture, but if the speech is muffled then the content is
> unwatchable
> I agree with this, I use 44100 as well.

I have to say that I disagree with this, but mostly I don't generally like
broad generalizations.  I have just started experimenting with the mythweb
streaming and find the default options satisfactory, though I'm not
expecting full HD.  That said, this might be a situation where it is best
not to be hard-coded, and instead can be a setup option.  In fact, I think
that many of these options should be configurable from the mythweb setup

> > -vcodec libx264
> >
> > x264 is way better than default codec, flash on the wii will  not
> > support x264 but this could be detected though the user agent thereby
> > removing the need to cripple the content for everyone just for the sake
> > of one platform
> I experimented with libx264, but if I recall correctly, my CPU wasn't
> able to encode fast enough at a high enough resolution to make it
> worthwhile.

Same results here.

> > -aspect 16:9
> >
> > I can't speak for other countries, but in the UK the majority of content
> > has been 16:9 for years, so if it's not possible to set the aspect ratio
> > based on the source, please default to 16:9 rather than 6:4
> Agree here as well.

Yes, again.

> > -threads 0
> >
> > Tells ffmpeg to automatically detect the  number of cores and start the
> > optimum number of threads rather than defaulting to single thread when
> > dual and quad core are commonplace
> FLV encoding cannot be multi-threaded. There is no support for it in
> ffmpeg (last time I checked) so this would only have an effect if the
> vcoded were changed as above.
> >
> > --
> > Will Tatam
> Just thought I'd contribute to the discussion.

I'm a long time user of MythTV (6 years at least) and reader of the mailing
lists.  Since I am getting away from full-time web development to go back to
school I have decided to pick up some small software projects , and mythweb
is one area where I would like to contribute as I find this to be one of the
"Wow!" factors of having a home-built DVR over a telco offering (yes, I
realize that with some you can schedule over the 'net, but that comes no
where near the capabilities of mythweb and MythTV).

In the open source spirit, I am starting working on using VideoJS (
videojs.com) to use the HTML5 video  instead of a flash object for seaming.
 I am also aware of the many of the issues involved (browser codec support,
flash fallback, and others), but one of my largest motivations is streaming
to mobile phones, and we're all aware of the anti flash movement with
i-devices, making HTML5 video a simple solution.

I'm not promising anything, but I hope to be able to offer some tested
suggestions and possibly a patch within a few weeks.  We'll see...

In the mean time, any thoughts or comments?

-Edward Hughes
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