[mythtv] Always play HDMI audio

Richard Houser rick at divinesymphony.net
Tue Mar 15 00:38:32 UTC 2011

I hooked up a new television (Curtis 32" LCD panel + DVD combo-unit), and
have had a heck of a time getting MythTV working correctly.  I finally
figured out what's going on.  With an HDMI input, the TV appears to be in
one of two modes, DVI or HDMI based on the presence of HDMI audio.  Once
it's in the HDMI mode, it appears to stay that way until X is restarted
(resolution change as the trigger?).  Nothing is wrong with that, except the
display goes to black, then quickly all white when in the HDMI mode and no
sound is present.  So, with MythTV alone, all the menus are just white
screens.  I can get around that by sending music to the hdmi device from a
command line, and all the menus pop back.  TV playback works fine, as sound
is present.

I think the fix would be to just play back silence all the time.  Done
correctly and with the same format, that may also be able to get rid of the
annoying gap before sound starts (ex. while paused) with AV receivers
(affected both my KLH and Onkyo AC3 receivers).  Would any of the
experienced devs be willing to comment?  If enough of the support is there,
and given the proper pointers, I may be able to submit a patch.  For my
purposes alone, I suspect I could get things working well enough with a
sound server.
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