[mythtv] Ticket #9658: Pressing F1 while viewing program info causes hang-like behaviour

John Veness John.Veness.mythtv at pelago.org.uk
Sun Mar 13 17:52:36 UTC 2011

On 12/03/11 23:43, Paul Harrison wrote:
> I doubt most users even know the
> program details screen is a dynamically generated html page or care if
> it uses html or not so long as it shows the info they want :)

Thanks again, Paul. I'm sure you're right most users don't know or care 
how the program details screen is implemented. One thing I like about 
the fact that it is implemented in HTML is that the text can be zoomed 
in and out, unlike most of the rest of the Myth user-interface.



John Veness, MythTV user, UK, DVB-T

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