[mythtv] Ticket #9658: Pressing F1 while viewing program info causes hang-like behaviour

John Veness John.Veness.mythtv at pelago.org.uk
Sat Mar 12 22:59:12 UTC 2011

 From http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/9658 :
> Description:
> Steps to reproduce:
> 1, Go into Watch Recordings
> 2, Highlight any recording
> 3, Press I
> 4, Press F1
> At this point the frontend seems to hang. You cannot scroll the program info window up or down and cannot press Esc to back out. However, a second press of F1 brings it back to life.
> Changes (by paulh):
>   * status:  new =>  closed
>   * resolution:   =>  Invalid
> Comment:
>   It's actually working as it should.
>   The web browser mythui widget needs to know where the key presses should
>   be processed either by myth or by the Qt QWebView browser widget we use
>   behind the scenes. For example if you press 'm' should that open the popup
>   menu or should it enter an 'm' in an edit box on a web page? In order to
>   toggle where key presses get handled there is a TOGGLEINPUT key binding
>   (set to F1 by default) which switches where key presses get handled.
>   Without it there would be no way to enter many keys like 'm' or 'i' in a
>   search edit on a web page for example because myth would get the key
>   before the web page.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the explanation. I don't use the web browser in MythTV so 
wasn't aware of the F1/TOGGLEINPUT behaviour. However, as far as I can 
tell, the program info window doesn't have anywhere in it that accepts 
input, unlike a web page, so can you not tell the widget to ignore the 
TOGGLEINPUT when appropriate?

In my case, I found this problem in the program info window when I 
accidentally pressed F1 instead of Esc on a keyboard due to their close 
proximity. As nothing appeared on screen, I thought it had hung. Maybe 
an alternative fix would be for an some kind of indication when 
TOGGLEINPUT has been pressed, although as I say, in this particular 
screen I don't think TOGGLEINPUT should do anything.



John Veness, MythTV user, UK, DVB-T

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