[mythtv] API Framework has been committed (May break existing users of mythXML).

David Blain MythTv at TheBlains.net
Wed Mar 9 17:33:59 UTC 2011

> No. MythXML was there as a user-friendly API, xml is too heavy for a high
> performance protocol which what the fe<>be protocol needs to be.

Although I agree with Stuart, there is nothing stopping us from implementing
a serializer that is more light-weight (even rendering a version of the
current protocol, or even a binary one - so we can stop converting to/from
strings everywhere).

Also, it wouldn't take much effort to have a ServiceHost implementation that
doesn't use http (maybe raw sockets).

Either way, I wasn't planning on working on any of this unless the majority
of the core developers think it's a good idea.  What I would like to see
however,  is that even the myth protocol use the underlying api classes
(since they are just standard c++ classes), so that any current/future
functions can be exposed to other non-myth clients with little/no effort.


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